Your blog  contribution is 25% of your overall grade.

This includes 3 blog contributions and 15 comments to your fellow peers.

Blog Contributions

Each student must complete at least 3 blog entries as part of their coursework. Each blog will have a different format you must follow. Please note that you must sign up for the relevant blog topic for your second blog.

Each of these “topical” blogs are due the Tuesday (5pm) of week after the topic has been explored in the class.

Blog 1 (Due by October 2)

Choose one of the to topics below to write about in your first blog. Include photos, links, and/or video, basically anything that is related to your blog we can draw more information from.

1. What do you see as your personal heritage and how you think this heritage defines who you are. How does this heritage separate you from your national heritage? Please be specific when you are giving examples.

2. Describe a heritage site you have visited that has moved you in some way or another. What were the feelings you experienced visiting this heritage site? Why was this site important for you? Please be specific in giving your examples. 

Blog 2

Sign up for one of the weekly blog topics listed below and complete the blog entry according to the due date of each topic. You should be giving an example using a World Heritage Site in discussing each topic.

Authenticity and Heritage (October 2)

Representation of Heritage (October 7)

The Destruction of Heritage (October 14)

Authorized Heritage Discourse (October 21)

Memory and Heritage (October 28)

Indigenous Heritage (November 4)


Blog 3 (Due by December 16)

Your third post will be on a topic of your own choice, submitted to the Blog website by December 16. Go wild! But keep to the overall topic of heritage.


While a certain number of posts are necessary for the completion of the course, all participants are encouraged to share as much information as they would like. Also, please don’t hesitate to provide links on videos, other blogs (both personal and professional), news stories and other relevant material relating to heritage and World Heritage.

Blog Contribution Format

Your blogs should contain information on a particular heritage or a World Heritage site, or a particular heritage practice, according to the topic. You should introduce your blog with a short paragraph and then delve into the issues at hand.

Your blog should be about 5 paragraphs long. You can add pictures and video to make it more visually appealing to the reader. Having a catchy title will make it more visible to your peers.

** The instructor WILL NOT respond to email questions concerning how you will construct your blog entry. If you are having trouble coming up with a particular perspective, please use your instructor’s office hours to go over the topic. If there is a clash with the office hours, set up an appointment.

** Once you have added your blog, you must post the written text to on the relevant assignment page.

Comment Contributions

Each student must comment to at least 15 blogs. These comments can incorporate video links, other news articles, personal or professional blogs. When you are incorporating a link, you need to, in 2 or 3 sentences, summarize the content of the link.

Your comments should be about your own thoughts on the particular topic, and can be based on your personal experience. They can also be based on the weekly reading or other reading you have completed.

Remember that your comments are not about correcting someone. They should focus on your interpretation about what someone else wrote. Please be sensitive with the language and expressions you use. This is a platform for dialogue, not competition or belittling.


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