The Philippines through the Hands of Ten Filipinos


IMG_1916 A Tingguian bamboo split weaver in the province of Abra in the Cordillera Administrative Region. The Tingguian are a lowland tribe that traces their ancestry to the much older Itneg tribe of the highlands.

IMG_1907 Hand of a Tagbanua bird’s nest (an expensive ingredient for an exotic soup) hunter holding a locally-prepared torch used to lighten up the deepest parts of the caves in Coron Island Natural Biotic Area of Palawan. Gathering bird’s nest is known to be one of the dangerous jobs in the world. The Tagbanua are sea-dwellers and are some of the first to occupy the archipelago.

IMG_1909 A traditional healer performing “bulo-bulo” — a form of cleansing done by blowing a glass filled with water containing an amulet — to a patient in Siquijor island. This small island is notorious for its history of sorcery, witchcraft and the dark arts.

IMG_1919 A Taubuid Mangyan showing a pipe he made…

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An ardent fan of natural and cultural sites. Art lover. Cultural geek. Loves meeting people and knowing their stories. Takes joy eating great food and proper vino. Travels extensively and intensively around the Philippines and Southeast Asia, with some few travels in other regions.
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