Things you may not know…

In this class I`ve seen many cultural and natural sites known for their impeccable architecture, history, and legacies that have made them worthy of being called world heritage sites. I often found it hard to choose one site to write or present on because they were all so beautiful and had such significant properties.In this blog I have chosen to write about the things that interested and surprised me, as well as some things that others may not know,about some sites that I have learned about. Some had interesting stories of the people who once occupied the area. Others intrigued me when I saw how the met the criteria for the world heritage list. These sites interested me so much that I just decided to do my blog on some of the sites that I have researched and read about during this semester and the fascinating facts and history of their heritage.


One of the most entertaining heritage sites that I researched was the Tahj Mahal. This buildings architecture and environmentally conservative abilities. The thing that stood out the most to me was the beautiful story that surrounds the building and made it famous as a symbol of love and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The narrative behind this architectural masterpiece is about Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan whose wife Mumtaz Mahal fell ill and died leaving him heart broken. As a symbol of their eternal love he had the monument built as a mausoleum and buried her body in it. He named the building the Tahj Mahal which means chosen one of the palace, whih is what Mumtaz Mahal translates to. When he died he was buried next to her at his request.


The next site that I thought was pretty cool was the sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests in Kenya. These forests were home to 11 separate tribes who relocated from Singwaya ancestral homelands to avoid conflict. They lived in piece in separate areas of the forest while preforming spiritual rituals. These rituals helped these forests meet the criteria of the world heritage list because of its significance religious properties. The forests are also seen as a defining characteristic for the identity of the Mijikenda people. Clearing and pathways that were left by the ancestral people of the original tribes help to connect the Mijikenda people with their past and give them a sense of “being in the world.” This helps to bring together the community and conserve their historical ancestry and cultural heritage.


Yosemite is an example of natural heritage. It is an extremely beautiful national park that I found interesting because I learned a lot about it in my earth systems science class. I went on a field trip to Yosemite and visited many natural landmarks like lower Yosemite falls, Mirror Lake, and the extensive forests. This natural site`s history is fascinating to me because of the way that most of it was formed. In earth system science I learned that the valley was once a huge lake, made from a melting glacier and dammed by a moraine. The unique formation proves its significance as a natural heritage site and has become a testament to its beauty.


The beauty and facts behind the history of these sites influences people throughout the world. It is significant to people who leave in the area and all tourist who visit the sites. The narratives, symbolism and natural properties contained by these sites are definitely worth preserving in order to astound generations who gaze upon their beauty and learn about their heritage.



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4 Responses to Things you may not know…

  1. storres27 says:

    i liked how you decided to educate us on multiple sites that you liked and their main ideas..the taj mahal is soley a burrial grounds or is it open to visit?

  2. rhenke2014 says:

    I really like how much passion you showed for each site. It was easy to see that you are genuinely interested in them.

  3. tjimenez7 says:

    It was interesting to see all the heritage sites that caught your attention. Some have actually caught mine now too! Good job on the blog!

  4. rdiaz29 says:

    I like how you decided to tell us about more than one site. You can see the interest you have in them.

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