Heard and McDonald Islands

Since this is my last blog I decided to do a Heritage Site with a famous name “McDonalds!” Australia has always been a place of intrest for me and so I knew I wanted to do a site located there what made it easier for my is that I work at a McDonalds back home. The site of Heard and McDonald Islands are located in the southern Indian Ocean. These Islands are sub-Antarctic volcanic islands that cover about 658,903 hectaares. Both islands are unique wilderness that has been undisturbed by humans.

One of the Islands, Heard , is dominated by Big Ben which is in an active volcano that rises to a height of 2,745 meters. It is largely covered by snow and glaciers as shown in the picture above. Monitoring climate change is an important thing when it comes to this island. The change in climate affects the glaciers faster than glaciers elsewhere. In recent decades these glaciers have flunctuated dramatically and have retreted significantly.

The second island , McDonalds island is much smaller than Heard Island covering only 100 of the hectares. It is surrounded by several smaller rocks and islands. The volcano located on this island recently became active after 75,00 year period of being inactive. Because of the eruption, the island grew two times in size.

These two islands passed certain criterias to become part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Criteria viii is amongst one of them. This is because the islands conatin great examples of on-going geological processess that occur in an undisturbed enviroment. Another criteria being crtierion ix. This criteria is covered by these islands because they are outstanding examples of representing on-going ecological, biological processes. It is the only sub-Antartic island that is virtually free of introduced species and modifications by humans.  It makes way for ecolgical research investigating plant and animal species.

The integrity of this island is big since they are the least disturbed sub-Antartic islands. Both islands are high in wildnerness quality. There have been unknown impact of commericla fisheries even though commerical fishing is no permitted within the property. Heard Island’s remotness and such harsh climate have made it hard and nearly impossible for humans to live on. The McDonalds islands however have had about two brief visits. These islands have been well protected which makes it more atracrtive to visitors. Not many places are well protected as this which makes it more important to keep these islands the way they are without human interaction.



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7 Responses to Heard and McDonald Islands

  1. storres27 says:

    are rising temperatures around the world effecting these islands or do they go unaffected?

  2. kmorrow3 says:

    This was actually one of the sites that I considered doing my last blog on although when I saw the name of the site I didnt expect it to look so beautiful. Thank you for enlightening me.

  3. jmelendez2 says:

    This was a very interesting insight into the islands diversity and ecological importance for research.

  4. acanas14 says:

    This is actually is really cool place. I have never heard about it and now I really want to visit. The fact that not a lot of people have been to this place excites me the most.

  5. rdiaz29 says:

    This place is beautiful. I will definitely tell my roommate she should go here when she visits Australia.

  6. tjimenez7 says:

    Australia has, too, been one of the many place that I have found interesting and hope that one day I can see. Volcanoes have always frightened me and it is crazy that this is still an active volcano. Nonetheless, great blog!

  7. dperez34 says:

    I think Australia is one of the most interesting places in Earth and these islands sound amazing.

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