The Oldest Palace, Fortress and Prison in Europe-The Tower of London

The oldest Castle, The Tower of London, was once home to many kings and queens, but now serves as one of the most toured sites in London. The way I came across this World Heritage Site is from researching in depth about the city of London, since I am studying abroad there this fall. I came across this tower, and soon found out that it was listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Built in 1078, this site holds key knowledge, history, and heritage of the English people, especially royalty.

This tower was first used as a royal residence, but was also a place for very important prisoners as well as trails and executions. With a total of 21 towers on about 18 acres of land, this site was capable of a lot of actions. A couple of important towers are the White Tower, the Bloody Tower, The Bell Tower, and the Tower Green.


The White Tower was the first tower built by William the Conqueror between 1078-1097. It was used as a power based, is 90 feet high with very thick walls. This tower also contains the Chapel of St. John, and a dungeon where it held prisoner “Little Ease” where he could not sit, stand or lie down.



The Bloody Tower, originally named the Garden Tower, was built between 1238-1272, with the main purpose of defense. Although its was first named Garden Tower, as it part of the tower opened up to where the garden was kept, it received its nickname from extraordinary events of royalty tat once lived there.

Bloody Tower Room

There was always something going on at the Tower of London, whether it was admitting new prisoners, beheaded queens, or capturing thieves of the crown jewels. This building has been through many rulers, invasions, and wars that it holds key knowledge and secrecy of London’s heritage.


Yeoman Warder

As one of the most tourist-attracted sites, its guarded by the famous Yeoman Warder, who are also known as Beefeaters. They not only guard the tower but are also very knowledgable about its history and purpose as they give tours for a small price. The Yeoman Warders are ex military and their soul purpose is to guard the Crown Jewels, as they are stored at the London Tower.

Crown Jewels

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12 Responses to The Oldest Palace, Fortress and Prison in Europe-The Tower of London

  1. acontreras26 says:

    This site seems really intriguing. I find that anything that relates to royal families and such always have an incredibly interesting story behind it.

  2. I love the fact that you chose London as a topic of your blog ! One thing that interest me in this blog was the “bloody tower.” It was one of my favorite sites and has so much mystery and gory details associated with it.

  3. rolmos3 says:

    Interesting article. The castle seems really entwined with the countries history, since it holds ties to William the Conqueror and is still used to hold the Crown Jewels, and I can see why it is on the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

  4. mbaldwin3 says:

    This is such an interesting site. I have never heard of the “Beefeaters” before but I guess that makes this site so much more intriguing.

  5. olayinkaoredola says:

    This site seems very authentic. Has any of the buildings been rebuilt? Great blog!

  6. From the pictures here, this place is very royal. This site was home to many royals and past battle. Have fun !

  7. kmorrow3 says:

    The Tower of London was an interesting site to choose. The life and heritage of royalty has always excited and fascinated me. I would really like a more exclusive look of what goes on inside there.

  8. bvasquez5 says:

    The Tower of London looks so intriguing. I would love to get a tour from the very own protectors of the tower. Why exactly are they called beefeaters? Have fun and enjoy the history of London!

  9. jmelendez2 says:

    The Tower of London is a great place to visit, sadly they tend to hide a lot of the brutal history that occurred there throughout the years because it was mainly used for political prisoners for most of its time.

  10. storres27 says:

    the castle has amazing architecture for the time frame it was built in

    looks and sounds super cool, and you are lucky to be going abroad next semester.. will you be visiting this place?

  11. rdiaz29 says:

    This place looks so interesting. i like it.

  12. tjimenez7 says:

    Okay, first of all, congrats on studying abroad in London! I, too, hope to study abroad. This heritage site sure has quite the history by the way! Good luck studying abroad!

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