Some World Heritage site through my travels.


            Honestly, after attending this class, I am actually truly happy I chose World Heritage. I never really knew that a site could be classified as a world heritage site or different qualifications made a site so specialize. I enjoyed learning about different sites near and far from me, but also how tourism, heritage, sustainability and management all play a part in the heritage process.


I really enjoy traveling. In fact some of the places I visited had man world heritage sites that I adored seeing. One of the was in Paris, which was the Eiffel tower. The Effie tower signifies love. It is currently one of the tallest monuments in France with also symbolical represent France.



Another place that I have visited was the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal was built by a distinct king to commemorate his love to his favorite wife. The story is that when the building was complete , he cut off all the builders’ hand in attempt to stop them from building another one like it. This site is build out of majestic white marble and signifies aesthetic beauty. It is used a religious purpose and also a cultural purpose. In addition this site is important to me because it represents part of my Indian Heritage.


In addition, another site that I have always loved is Yosemite. Upon arriving at Merced a few years ago I have never actually been to a national park or any recreational wildlife park before. However after a trip to Yosemite I was intrigued by the refreshing experience. Yosemite is known as “one of the largest parks that supports a variety of plants an animals.” This site represents geology of rocks, lakes, mountains and waterfalls.


The thing I loved most about this class was the history it told from the sites we learned have learned. It further help me want to explore previous sites that I have visited and learn it cultural meaning. Overall I am really happy I took this class and pleasantly surprised how much I learned.


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6 Responses to Some World Heritage site through my travels.

  1. olayinkaoredola says:

    You are very blessed for having the opportunity to visit all of these places!

  2. tgonz22 says:

    I think its great that you were able to look past the beauty of these places and find the true meaning!

  3. You have visited many sites..! How nice and fortunate of you to get the oppourtunity to travel. I hope to do some traveling of my own in the future.

  4. storres27 says:

    i agree very lucky to have visited those other sites, but also agree that this class opened my eyes and helped expand my mind, glad i took it

  5. rdiaz29 says:

    Lucky! i hope i get to visit all those places someday!

  6. tjimenez7 says:

    I agree, I did not know how much is put into something officially being a World Heritage site. By the way, you are incredibly lucky to have traveled to such beautiful places!

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