Sustainable Heritage in Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, Barbados

The main concept with sustainable heritage is the idea that a heritage is sustained through economic, social, or environmental ways. A site that shows the concept of sustainable heritage is the Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, Barbados. This world heritage site is an old British colonial architecture consisting of a well-preserved old town and a nearby military garrison on a small island developing state. It still has the 17-cetentury organic street layout resembling English market towns, which is not found at any other Caribbean territory.


The Barbados World Heritage Committee created ways to sustain this small islands heritage. They integrated World Heritage management principles in daily operations and implements programs such as the Physical Development Plan which help guide the effective sustainable management of the property which help raise awareness of its existence of the community.



Also, some areas on the island are very poor and undereducated which hinders on the potential heritage it has to offer. Sustainable development of the property in communities that have been overlooked helped these depressed World heritage communities. An area known as Nelson Street is highly overlooked at. It actually was an area where skilled artisan and tradespeople lived in the late 19th century and now in the 21st century, it has become associated with crime and poverty. The Pineland Creative Workshop is a nonprofit organization that has helped with the sustainability of this area by educating and facilitating economic and social opportunities for the community.


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14 Responses to Sustainable Heritage in Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, Barbados

  1. acontreras26 says:

    How would under-educated areas devalue the heritage at this site?

    • sdavallou says:

      I think that under-educated areas would devalue the heritage of this site because it brings bad news. If they aren’t educated of whats around them, then they really wouldn’t care if it was vandalized since it would have no value to them.

  2. masonanderson says:

    I agree that the education of local people aids in management of a site by generating local interest and support.

  3. acanas14 says:

    Sustainability is an important topic that should be addressed more often. This could potentially be the future of a world heritage site

  4. rhenke2014 says:

    I think its great that they realized how important the community is to the sustainability of site and that they took steps to educate them.

  5. bvasquez5 says:

    I like that the committee has developed a program to help the local community through educational programs. Has there been any improvements so far or is this just a starting program?

  6. I feel this was a good example to represent sustainability and I thinks its great that something like the Pineland creative workshop was created to help educate the community

  7. rstadnitskiy says:

    Sustainability of a site is crucial to maintaining a part of the past. I think this example that you gave showed to the importance of this.

  8. I also agree that sustainable heritage is overlooked in some parts of the country. This site was a good example of representing this topic

  9. I also agree that sustainable heritage is overlooked in some parts of the country. This site was a good example of representing this topic.

  10. rolmos3 says:

    I’m not sure if poverty and lack of education hinder the potential heritage of the site, but I do agree that fixing these problems will be beneficial as it will attract more people and, in general be better for the local population.

  11. tgonz22 says:

    Its really cool that they still some original places like this. Nice post!

  12. tgonz22 says:

    Perhaps the place needs to be better advertised but this also makes me wonder if a sites are equally important regardless of their popularity

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