Alcatraz- Tourism and Heritage

urlI’ve grown up seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on T.V. and have even personally gone to San Francisco to take pictures of it in the background. Though it is a very famous tourist attraction, it is also plays a big role in San Francisco’s heritage. For this specific topic, I decided to base my research on Alcatraz Island, which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Alcatraz can be detected back to the 1850s, in which it was used by the military for then President Millard Fillmore. Alcatraz was taken along with the rest of California form the Republic of Mexico in the late 1840s. During the construction, the army creates steep walls around the island so they could place cannons on all sides. Alcatraz is famous for being a federal prison; however, even before the civil war, the island held soldiers who had committed crimes. The island was occupied but Confederate soldiers, those suspected to support the Union where imprisoned. Aside from it being a prison, Alcatraz was also used as a training ground for the soldiers. After the war, many who celebrated the death of Lincoln were imprisoned on the island. Later in this island became a super-prison, containing people who committed vicious crimes.

There is a section on the website for the National Recreation Area as a whole that focuses on supporting the park. Focusing on Alcatraz, the website offers many ways to protect the national park it is part of. Some ways of doing this was becoming a member of the Parks Conservancy and purchasing Alcatraz items form the Parks Conservancy online store. This makes sense because, as we discussed in class, tourism is a great part of the management’s finance. This helps conserve the cultural and natural resources of not only Alcatraz but the National Recreation Area as a whole. Since the island is more of a visiting center, the negative effects of on the local people is not really relevant. However, donating and assisting the park preserves the culture that this city is known for, which does concern its people.


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12 Responses to Alcatraz- Tourism and Heritage

  1. kmorrow3 says:

    Interesting. I had no idea how long Alcatraz has been aroung.

  2. I have heard of Alcatraz but I had no idea that it was a training center for soldiers. I always saw it as a place where the worst of the worst prisoners were held at. I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Alcatraz at least once and that is all it takes sometimes to make them want to go visit. Because of it’s history nowonder it is a famous San Fransisco tourist attraction.

  3. acanas14 says:

    Alcatraz is a very interesting place. i live very near it and I recently just had the chance to visit. It is an incredible way to know the beginnings of Alcatraz and how it changed throughout the time.

  4. bvasquez5 says:

    Alcatraz Island was even a place that Native Americans wanted to take to be their own, so when people would come into the bay they would see what America used to look like. Sadly, their occupation was ended. It’s sad to think that the website doesn’t touch on these parts since they are such a large part of its history.

  5. I’ve been to San Francisco plenty of times but never actually learned about Alcatraz. I found it interesting to know that it was as well as place for soldiers to train then just a place for the worst prisoners. I like how they turned something bad and actually made into something good.

  6. rstadnitskiy says:

    I was surprised to hear about the training ground for soldiers. I had never heard of that before. Also, I I appreciate how you talked about a “negative” site. Its history is rich and educates people about the past.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this blog and learning more about Golden Gate national reserve. I also think it is interesting that Alcatraz (like others mentioned) was a training place for soldiers. Not many people know this.

  8. sdavallou says:

    I’ve been to Alcatraz before and it kind of gave me the creeps because of the history behind the island. It housed some of the worst criminals, and you had to go on a ferry to get to the island. Even though some might see it as a negative site, it still has great meaning and purpose.

  9. acontreras26 says:

    Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge are just some of the things that people think of when they think of San Francisco, but they are definitely the first. I also think it would be important to help fund Alcatraz because it is such a prominent site in San Francisco.

  10. mbaldwin3 says:

    This site is so interesting. I hadn’t really thought of it more than a prison, so thank you for explaining some of the history to this site.

  11. rdiaz29 says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Alcatraz, my cousins tell me all about it and hopefully i get the chance to see it soon.

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