Indigenous heritage has been an important part of Australia’s heritage. Occupation of Australia by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people dates back more than 60,000 years ago. The Indigenous people hold all places associated with the Dreaming stories as significant. Mainly any place associated with their spirituality. In Australia, indigenous communities keep their heritage alive by passing along their knowledge, arts, rituals and performances from one generation to the next. They also speak and teach languages and protect sacred and significant sites and object.

Land is fundamental to the wellbeing of Aboriginal people. They do not see it as just soil and rocks but as a whole environment that keeps and is kept alive by the people. To the Aboriginal people, land is the core of all spirituality. As most were hunter-gatherers they have a special link to the land they understand so well.


National parks are also significant to aboriginal communities because of the rock engravings. Usually there is a Dreaming story associated with it. Most of the Aboriginal land has been left undisturbed by European settlement mainly due to inaccebility and unsuitability with European agriculture. National Park programs work with Aboriginals to work around anything that may disturb the peace they have worked to gain.

These indigenous people identify themselves through their land. They use their stories and language to express their relationship to others.



Since most of the indigenous history is oral, language is an important part to understanding. Dreaming can be seen as the influences a clan has on one’s decisions and actions. In most of the dreaming stories, spirits came to earth in human form and they created everything throughout the earth. Once they finished they transformed into trees, stars, rocks, and other objects with are now sacred to the people. The most known site is Uluru, which is located in the center of Australia.


Tourism has only recently emerged as an industry. A diversity of tours and experiences that promote Aboriginal culture and lifestyle are available for tourists. There are organised tours and dance performances and an opportunity to stay on Aboriginal land to experience the daily lives of Aboriginal people.


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