Coca Cola Media Master

Soda heaven.

Soda heaven.

The world of coca cola is a place in Atlanta Georgia that pays tribute to most of Coca cola’s past. The site actually mainly focuses on the coca cola companies past. The exhibit displays many memorabilia from coca cola’s past from: photographs, art designs, bottles, cans, and pharmaceutical materials.

Coca cola memorabilia

Coca cola memorabilia

Harris, Neil. “The Journal of American History.” The World of Coca-Cola. Vol. 82. No.1 N.p.: Organization of American Historians, n.d. 154-58. JSTOR. Web. Feb.-Mar. 2014. <;.

The exhibit’s memorabilia creates memories for visitors by giving them an emotion of nostalgic feeling for the brand. The exhibit also demonstrates great way of getting people to remember coca cola by showing clips of advertisements. This demonstrates that coca cola is a master at using the media to their advantage. The images of Santa Clause on their cans have helped modernize the idea of Christmas and Santa clause to the public.

Santa and coke.

Santa and coke.

“A Coca-Cola Christmas Celebration.” World of Coca-Cola. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2014.

However the World of Coca Cola has altered the history of the Coca Cola Company by omitting history, similar to the Alamo in Flores article “The Alamo: Myth, Public history, and the politics of inclusion”. The site does not mention that Coca Cola used to have traces of cocaine. Even the company has denied that their brand once had the substance. The site does not even mention their failed attempt of changing the formula and calling it ‘New Coke”.

Not as great as the original.

Not as great as the original.

“Coca-Cola: Cocaine Has ‘Never Been An Added Ingredient’ In Our Soda.” CBS Atlanta. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2014.

The World of Coca Cola is considered a paradise for soda and coca cola fanatics. However it is not a true representation of coca cola and mainly focuses on the positive moments of the brand. To me the museum does create interest on my favorite soda drink, but disappoints me at the same time by not displaying coca cola’s whole history.


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7 Responses to Coca Cola Media Master

  1. masonanderson says:

    Very interesting perspective. This seems to be very closly related to negative heritage as coca-cola is trying to extinguish the fact that cocaine was in fact in their drink.

  2. kmorrow3 says:

    Wow. I had no idea that there was once such a serious controversy within the coca cola industry. Using cocaine as an ingredient not only gives an unfair advantage over the competition with its addicting qualities but it can also cause huge health risks. What i would like to know is, was that accusation ever proven as a myth or was it just down played by the coca cola industry?

  3. bvasquez5 says:

    Does this museum solely focus on memorabilia? It’s quite interesting to see how corrupt such a popular company was and possibly still is. This also seems like an example of disneyfication as well.

  4. This was really interesting to know about the cocaine and coca cola. Its pretty disappointing, if true, that this well known overly populated brand would cheat and harm there buyers without informing them. I feel like this is not addressed as much as it should so that people can know the truth

  5. sdavallou says:

    Interesting how such a big corporate like Coca Cola would omitted information and history about them. I feel in a way this site shows a little bit of disneyfication as its trying to show its audience a different or falsified perspective.

  6. I found it interesting to learn the negative connotations about Coca cola. I never knew negative factors could be associate with this soda. But overall good blog.

  7. mbaldwin3 says:

    Coca Cola has been around for a long time, so I am curious at what period of time were they using cocaine in their drinks and when they ceased doing it. I wish to believe they put it in their drinks when it wasn’t illegal in the U.S. or when it wasn’t considered bad for people but I am just uninformed towards these topics.

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