My Mexican Heritage

As for many, heritage could be a museum or old ruins, government monuments or national parks. Heritage for me are my family values. In these family values, coming from a Mexican family, unity and love are well presented giving me lots of lessoned to learn from.

Out of some of these traditions, one of the most unique ones would have to be the festivities during Christmas. Our Christmas celebrations are filled with love from everyone and lots of food. These celebrations are called “Posadas”. First of all, the religious part is mocked on parades organized by communities, in which the whole scene of the moments before the virgin Mary gave birth to baby jesus are acted by volunteers from the same community. After this events, there is usually a finish point at a house, where a whole bunch of delicious typical Mexican dishes are waiting for all the pilgrims. These Mexican dishes consist on: posole, tamales, atole, bunuelos, poncho caliente and much more. However, before the food is released and the pilgrims are welcome inside the house, there are several songs that have to be sang. This celebration continues, following by breaking pinatas and listening to christmas songs, always reminding me of where I came from.

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These traditions are not just part of my family values, they are also the things that I grew up with and that thought me the importance of unity and humbleness. It also made me appreciate religion and remember the journey that God had to go through in order to give a place for the virgin Mary to give birth. Now as an adult, I thank my parents and ancestors for introducing me these traditions and encouraging me to maintain them through all the future generations. By following these, my culture will never die, and my family values will always be present.

As an american citizen, my Mexican values are way different compare to the ones perform here in the US. However, because Mexican traditions were my roots and with what I was born with, I will always perform them. For example, the fact that the diversity of cultures in this country is very large, the old traditions start to fade out leaving the old stuff in the past and pressuring the new generations to adopt others interests. Although my life is now in a new country, I will never stop practicing my traditions that separate me from my national heritage.

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One Response to My Mexican Heritage

  1. rdiaz29 says:

    I agree, we can’t stop practicing our Mexican traditions just because we are in a different country.

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