My split life between Hispanic and Filipino heriatges!

Throughout an individuals life we are asked the simple question “what is our personal heritage?” And by that it means something you hold and cherish, it is something that can be passed on through generation to generation. Heritage is something that allows an individual to express themselves and where they came from. Also, to express the traditions, foods and even music to the world to show that this is what someone’s life consists of. Through my personal experiences and life I strongly feel that my personal heritage is being Hispanic and Filipino. Having ancestors from both unique and vibrant heritages it is quite easy to express the variety of different things they do.

First off being that I am Hispanic I come from family who originated from Mexico. By this my family has the tendency to follow many traditions such as el Dia de Los MuerMenudotos, folklórico dancing, and of course the many traditional Hispanic plates. Through things such as those that are listed, the basis for my heritage as a Hispanic are set. For example, I can remember as a child every Christmas till this present day for some reason my grandmother would always make menudo and tamales. No matter what, she always prepared it for us to have on Christmas morning. Every time I would be woken by the amazing smells that glided pass my nose, that’s when I knew it was time to eat and then open gifts. This is something that I found as part of my personal heritage because it was something that me and my family would do and I hold it as moments that I will always love.

However, also being Filipino from my mothers side of the family I also find myself celebrating things just as much as I would with my Hispanic Heritage. Throughout my Filipino heritage I have family originated from the Philippines. We constantly surround ourselves with family and respect is something that is very big in my Filipino family. We learn to always be respectful andLumpia love your family under any circumstances. We also participate in dancing and the foods my mother prepares. Lumpia is definitely something that is commonly made within my family. People think that its cliché that everyone knows Filipinos make lumpia but lumpia is something that my family loves to make when we all get together.


Throughout each of my heritages I find something very interesting and it makes me more proud to be Hispanic and Filipino. I love the fact that i am able to look at both perspectives of two so similar, yet very different heritages. In my Hispanic and Filipino heritage something that is part of my national heritage to me would be my Medalla; which is a necklace that is passed down from my Hispanic heritage and from my Filipino family I have yet to receive something passed down from passed generation. Being from two different cultures, I feel that as an individual is does not take away from my national identity as an American, but rather as a mixing part of both cultures. I do identify myself with my Hispanic heritage, however,that does not mean that I do not acknowledge that there is also another part of me that is somewhat distinct but also similar. I cannot say that I have visited the Philippines or Mexico, but nonetheless they have definitely had an effect on the person that I am. These two cultures have fused into me and I am proud to say that I am Mexican-Filipino- American.

This is a flag interpretation of the Philippines Flag.

This is a flag interpretation of the Philippines Flag.

This is the flag represent Mexico. The place where my Father and his family originated from.

This is the flag represent Mexico. The place where my Father and his family originated from.


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