My Irish Heritage!

download (2)When you look at me you see an African American woman and although you would be correct, there is more to me that meets the eye. If you look up my last name, Morrow, you will find that it derives from Northern Ireland. I’ve always known that I had some Irish in me and I do enjoy the traditions that occasionally take place in my household. This blog is the perfect way for me to share my heritage with others. I find it interesting to know about the whole UK but my will present my heritage specifically based on the culture of Ireland only.

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A very important part of Irish heritage is the traditional clothing that was worn in the past and how it has evolved into the modern fashion that they have today. The traditional clothing in Ireland is much more flamboyant than the clothing that the Irish wear today. Like in America, Traditionally fashion began as dresses for the women and pants for the men except for the adaptation of the kilt in the 1900`s. I adore the traditional Irish attire, although, I only were it as a costume. The clothing eventually became less conservative, evolving into short dresses that are flares out high above the knees were as men developed a more casual sense of fashion.

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In Ireland all important family traditions, festivals, and holidays have one common trait; food! The traditional meals of Ireland haven’t changed much, we just alter the recipe a little to fit our likening. Some traditional dishes are corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and soda bread. I’ve tasted all of these foods but my favorite is the corned beef and cabbage since my dad use to make it on holidays. More food that is commonly associated with Irish heritage is potatoes and beer to go along with it. This common association is because of The Great Famine in Ireland between 1845 and 1852, which is also called the Irish potato famine.

Irish step dancing is a big part of my culture. I once visited the side of my family from Ireland and they were having a celebration were they decided to have an Irish step dancing competition. They even wore costumes and put on the tap dancing shoes that are used for the dance. At first it looked funny but it began to get more intense as they went on. Apparently you can step dance to modern music but it’s even more fun when you do it to the traditional music that begins slow and then speeds up.

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There are certain sayings in my family that I didn’t know were Irish superstitions until I went to visit the Irish side of my family and I heard them say, “Your ears must be burning because we were just talking about you.” According to the Irish superstition if someone is talking bad about you your ear will start to itch or burn. Of course there are commonly known superstitious still mentioned in my household like, lucky horseshoes or four leaf clovers but they’re not taken seriously.

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4 Responses to My Irish Heritage!

  1. tommyvt27 says:

    When I first see a unfamiliar ritual for the 1st time I laugh, but once you understand why they do it, you get used to it.

  2. sdavallou says:

    I love Ireland’s heritage, especially the food and dancing. I’m definitely a potato gal. Also, my best friend growing up use to compete in Irish Dancing. Have you ever tried or competed before? By the way, I really enjoyed the video you posted.

  3. I like the fact that you talk about two cultures but also further explain traditional factors within your irish heritage, such as clothing and dancing. I especially like the last part about ‘superstitions’.

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