my heritage




Heritage.  The word “heritage” to me personally means who we are and  also different aspects of our culture makes us who we are.  I was born of a mixed race, with my father being Indian and my mother being Chinese; thus making me have a variety of heritage to choose from. My “personal heritage” is things like the food in which I come from  such as chinese food or indian food. Another thing is that both my parent’s are Asian so they had similar ethics taught to them when they were younger in which they have incorporated to me. I was taught to be a multitasker and to aim for the best.

An important aspect of the asian culture is tradition. Asians are very family oriented. We were taught to respect our elders and to always do everything as a family. In regards to my family, they have always been there for no matter what. My dad had the opportunity to travel all over the world and thus we got to go with him. My family taught me to adapt to new things, we also made new traditions along the way. My heritage has transformed me into who I am today and I am forever grateful at what has been given to me.


These are a few examples of personal heritage. Something to an individual that defines who they are personally from their culture and ethics taught to them. This is different than national heritage.

National Heritage is a place where you come from. The correct definition is : Heritage is that which is inherited from past generations, maintained in the present, and bestowed to future generations. The term “natural heritage”, derived from “natural inheritance”, pre-dates the term “biodiversity.” It is a less scientific term and more easily comprehended in some ways by the wider audience interested in conservation.

For example a national heritage site would be the Taj Mahal, a historic site in India where a King built a palace for one of his wives. Another national heritage site would be the Great Wall of china.

We can see now the differences between personal heritage  and  national heritage.‘Personal’ is a sense of what makes an individual. ‘National’ is what makes that country.



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3 Responses to my heritage

  1. tommyvt27 says:

    I like the picture of dim sum, but are you Cantonese or Manderain. .

  2. sdavallou says:

    I like how even though your heritage is mixed from two different Asian countries, there is common ground of aiming for the best. Also, that stew dish looks very yummy, what is it?

  3. rdiaz29 says:

    Wow this is so cool. Its good that your different backgrounds have helped you.

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