This is me…

We all come from a heritage but some don’t explore them as much as other. Some don’t even know what their heritage is because it is not spoken about within their families. Heritage is a type of tradition and beliefs that are part of history or group.Our heritage defines who we are and how our families raise us. We learn certain traditions from our families by observing or by how they treat us. Things such as the way we are raised or raise our children to the type of food that we eat. I believe that heritage is an important aspect of ones life to get to know and explore because it comes from our roots.It is a part of our history that should be explored.

What I see as my personal heritage is Mexican. My heritage defines who I based on our culture and traditions. Every heritage has their own traditions and it makes them who they are. There are things such as traditions and the way we live that are passed down from generation to generation. Being from a Mexican Heritage to means big families! I am used to it. Whenever my family has a birthday or some sort of celebration the whole family comes together. Its something that I grew up with and I love it.

When we have these family gathering one of the things that my mother makes the most are tamales. Tamales are one of the most popular things to make at a gathering in my heritage. I have learned how to make these by watching my mother and it is something that I will be doing in the future in my family gatherings. By watching my mother and our family traditions I have started to pick up things that my heritage does that I didn’t know of before.

One of the superstitions that I have heard a lot about in my family is the one of the evil eye. This happens when a stranger looks at a baby with desire or jealousy. The person giving the look  or compliment to the baby must touch them while giving them the looks so the child won’t have the evil eye. The way you can tell if your child has the eye is if they come down with a high fever and have lots of fits. In order to prevent this from happening my mom would make us where red bracelet like the one shown. The bracelet protects them from catching the evil eye.

My Mexican heritage has helped shape me into who I am today and will be in the future. All the different traditions, foods and superstitions have stayed with me. My mother has taught me a lot about our heritage and I enjoy learning new things about it everyday. The things that my family does are being passed down to me. One thing I know for sure that I must learn how to make are tamales! They are my favorite and it is something that my heritage enjoys. I love my heritage and even though I might not know enough about it,  I love the parts and traditions that I do know.

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  1. kmorrow3 says:

    Wow very interesting. I think it would be very interesting to know how Hispanic heritage month has influenced you and how you celebrate it. Also did you know that there was a Hispanic heritage month before this assignment occurred and if not who told you about it?

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