Do you Believe in Superstitions?

As a Vietnamese, Cantonese, and American I see my family’s superstitions as my personal heritage. Other cultures believe in superstitions, which some people take lightly or seriously. Some common superstitions might be like breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck, or wearing a rabbit’s foot brings good luck. However, when I tell people of my family’s superstitions they actually think it is weird or outrageous, especially towards people from the same ethnicity as me. My family would put a knife under every bed in the house to prevent anyone from having bad dreams. It was also a great method for protection if an intruder came into the house.

Whenever my mother passes the cemetery she would throw a penny out of the car to prevent ghosts from following us. In Asian culture people would burn small paper cars and money in order to send objects to the afterlife for their loved ones or ancestors. So when my mom threw the penny she was actually giving the dead money in the afterlife. My mother would also throw a penny out of the car if something bad had happened like a car accident. Probably she did it to throw away to make the negativity around her go away.

Pennies on tombstone.

Pennies on tombstone.

My family also believes in good luck, but their method seems a bit extreme. When I was young my house caught on fire, but my brother said it was good luck if there is fire on your roof. His statement might be unrealistic, but at least the house did not burn down. Sometimes my mother would also make me and my brother jump over a burning Chinese paper for good luck.

Jumping over fire.

Jumping over fire.

At first I was ashamed by my family’s beliefs, but it actually makes my life interesting and unique from other people.  Sure it is strange, but it is actually describes my personality of being a funny and animated person. These superstitions are also similar to me by straying off society’s social norms and beliefs. 

My family’s superstitions might have come from Vietnamese and Chinese superstitions, but they have evolved and combined with Western culture ideas. For my national US heritage I am completely engulfed in it since English is my most common spoken language and follow most of the common trends. However I also believe in American superstitions, but my mom added ghosts coming out of mirrors if you break it. So to this day I still believe in these silly ideas, but scared to attempt them at the same time.

Ghost in the mirror.

Ghost in the mirror.


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One Response to Do you Believe in Superstitions?

  1. sdavallou says:

    I think its very interesting how your heritage has superstition such as throwing a penny out of the car to prevent ghost or jumping over fire for good luck. With part of my heritage, Iranian heritage, during our new year we jump over fire for good luck as well. I have never really heard of this anywhere else except from Iranian heritage so I think its interesting that both these heritages share something in common. As for myself, I’m very superstitious so don’t be ashamed.

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