Where Wishes Come True


When I think of a place that truly makes me happy, the only place that comes to mind is Disneyland. I know this may sound strange and a bit strange but there is some meaning behind it. Growing up all I can remember is watching Disney movies with my older brother. Disney movies became a such a huge part of my childhood that visiting Disneyland would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, visiting Disneyland was not always an option because my parents worked a lot and did not have the time to plan a visit. 


When I first visited Disneyland was one of the best days of my life. I can still remember all the emotions and feelings that I was feeling at the time. All my favorite Disney characters that I grew up seeing on TV, I was seeing in person. Many people criticize Disneyland for being full of lies and having a double meaning to their movies. For me they were movies that taught a good message. It was not until high school that I got my Disneyland annual pass and started visiting more often. Even though many people may say that Disneyland is for kids and not the place for a high school student, I was always excited when I stepped foot in the magical world. Having an annual pass was so rewarding because it brought back a lot of my childhood memories that I had forgotten about. 


I think that Disneyland should be a world heritage site because it has so much meaning behind it and it has connected with so many people. People like me have formed a connection with Disneyland because of our childhood memories. Disneyland makes you feel young and also makes you believe that you are never too old. Disneyland also has many architectural structures that could be considered to be a world heritage site. 

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3 Responses to Where Wishes Come True

  1. ktorres24 says:

    I think I can relate to you here. Of course Disneyland is said to be the “happiest place on earth” and I believe it to be true. It’s been a while since I have visited but I know that when you go, you can’t go wrong. Hopefully you get to visit soon as well.

  2. Yes! I can definitely relate to the feeling about how awesome Disneyland is, though in a way I do not agree with making it a world heritage site. This is because Disneyland is based solely on economic purposes and nothing within this amusement park offers enough support to fit the Word heritage criteria.

  3. jmelendez2 says:

    I agree that Disneyland is a wonderful place that carries an immense amount of history with it which does make it very significant.

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