The Destruction of Heritage

Throughout this world, there are multiple vibrant and beautiful places. We have a large curiosity towards the appearance of these places, along with experiencing the cultures and people that reside within that world.

There are many cultures within the world, having been established due to region and the people which influenced them. After the Westerners extended their influence into various portions of the world, the manipulation of culture and heritage began to slow down, it became more illusive and conniving. And with the less cultured guests travelling to these rural and unique places.

With these guests travelling and spending money within other places, the interest in gathering more money from visitors becomes a hot commodity. These are the first seeds of corruption to a people’s culture and heritage. It is the beginning of a good experience becoming a common experience.

Clear examples of where a culture has been morphed and corrupted are within the border cities of Mexico, such as Ensenada and Tijuana. These places are very much an extension of the United States, and have become very strong places for repeat travels. I have personally been to Ensenada, and have been to Ensenada over a course of many years.

In the beginning, I could remember not many supermarkets, the roads were mostly dirt, and the town being very simple. It was rural and a basic port town for trade and restocking the ships. In all of it, there was one resort that my parents took me to, and it was very traditional.

The resort was on the coast, and it was initially made for the domestic visitors, the wealthy hispanic families within Mexico. We fortunately were able to visit and I began to notice the many changes occuring to the quaint town of Ensenada.

First, roads were becoming paved, and the installation of supermarkets began to build. I also began to notice a decline in the quality of my stay in the resort, and the people around the resort.

So, with the increased popularity in the location, and the interest of money, this area has been becoming less like the hacienda town that I initially knew, and now has become the equivalent of tijuana, but with more distance between border and place.

This is an example upon how there can be a destruction of heritage, and there are many ways that we can proceed into not affecting the culture and lives of these people. It is rather sad for their culture to become more tailored towards giving foreigners the false experience and pleasure that they expect when visiting such a unique and vibrant place.

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3 Responses to The Destruction of Heritage

  1. mgoldberg4 says:

    Very eye opening and important to educating people on the destruction of heritage. We have one world and one chance, I believe it is important to be reminded of this.

  2. rashedaak says:

    This is a good read for understanding the importance of valuing one’s heritage and not letting it be destroyed.

  3. ktorres24 says:

    It is definitely a serious topic when it comes to the destruction of heritage. Many don’t realize what is being lost and replaced for things of less value. People need to be more aware of what they have.

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