Formation of a Cultural Protection Agency

With the increase in visitors and population, I am beginning to worry about the protection of current culture. It has come to my attention that the current culture of the world is continuously changing, and that the term globalization is becoming a more common word in the lives of many people from many nations.

And it has become a concern that they are going to lose their culture and heritage through the constant visitors. UNESCO was created to protect the culture and heritage from the past, but nothing to help protect that of the current and future culture.

This is where a new agency should be established, a large institution with its directive of protecting, and preventing commercialism from corrupting the culture and heritage of a local spot. From my previous blog post upon the case of Ensenada, it could have been prevented.

The institution will be mainly placed to aid third world countries, since they are the most at risk in being manipulated by visitors. Of course, the society has to allow for this aid to act upon them, and upon their ruling government. It will not be a major entity, but more of consulting firm for the government.

It will be used to notify the government upon the concerns facing the community and the businesses that wish to intrude upon it. Hopefully, this will be a less of an extreme towards the protection of the world, and the culture.

This will act as a preventive measure towards the washing down of culture, and the manipulation that commercialism has towards changing a culture so drastically. With this form of spectating institute, it gives direct feedback to the people, and to help prevent for the dissolving of their culture and heritage.

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3 Responses to Formation of a Cultural Protection Agency

  1. rashedaak says:

    I agree that the protection of culture is necessary because many people travel and don’t always get the facts right, which then leads to the distortion of the original form of that culture. I think it is very important to protect the original culture.

  2. hmunoz2 says:

    I really think you did a good job explaining this site. Personally I have never heard of this site but now I am really excited to look into it and find out more about it.

  3. ktorres24 says:

    It is interesting that you propose such a solution. I can see where you are coming from and it is indeed very important to protect our culture for future generations. Hopefully something like this will come forth and have a say towards the diminishing cultures.

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