Oh Spain!

                Ah! The beautiful Spain! Oh, how would I love to one day visit it’s gorgeous landscapes. If there is one place I would visit, it is definitely Spain. I remember in the seventh grade when my teacher assigned the class a PowerPoint presentation on any place we would want to visit. Being a pessimistic teen, I felt that I would never be able to visit an exotic place so I didn’t really care for the project. I also remember that my friend chose the place I was going to research. I didn’t care for my project but I did care for my grade so I decided to dive deep into my research. Surprisingly, I found myself intrigued by this sophisticated place. I realized how beautiful its lands were and found some of their traditions interesting and even found myself drooling over their culinary.

                Among Spain’s most interesting things are its art. From monuments to museums, it varies in art and does an amazing job of displaying it. One of the museums that catch my attention is the Spanish Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca. This art museum was established in 1966 and is home to thousands of art exhibits. One day I would want to visit this museum because I am especially interested in abstract and it contains some of the biggest names in art like Antoni Tàpies, Antonio Saura, Eduardo Chillida and Pablo Serrano.Image

                One of its most spectacular monuments is the Viejo Bridge in Orense. This bridge runs over the Mino River and was built under the reign of Emperor Augustus. After several modifications, it received its final one in the 17th century and retains its design to this day. Accompanied by the Los Remedios Shrine, which was built in the 16th century, the two masterpieces create an amazing ensemble. Architecture is also something that catches my attention so visiting this beautiful ensemble will allow me to fully grasp the technologies in architecture that were trendy several centuries back.

Image                Like I stated earlier, something that caught my attention about Spain was its culinary arts. The food looks delicious and I love food more than anything! The cuisine there doesn’t look so exotic which is a good thing because I am often doubtful about trying food that looks “different.” I’d rather eat something that I can tell where it came from or how it got cooked.  Spanish food is very much like that however, it is cooked differently. Something that I am planning to attempt are “patatas bravas,” which are fried potatoes smothered in hot tomato sauce.Image

                Overall, Spain is my dream vacation spot. I wish that one day I could visit all the places I want to see and try all its mouth-watering cuisine. Its soccer team, is also my favorite soccer team and they won the last World Soccer Cup. It’s funny that after not wanting to choose a place to research for my project, here I am several years later still intrigued by all it offers.

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4 Responses to Oh Spain!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your take on Spain and how you have come to be fascinated with it. I myself wish to visit Spain because of the many things I have already learned about it. My Spanish III teacher was from Morocco and would talk about his home country and of Spain. We learned about so many things from both places and we watched a travel film about Spain. What really interested me was the bull run and all of the festivities surrounding it. I hope to someday travel to Spain so that I can witness it and hopefully many more places within Spain.

  2. rashedaak says:

    This is very enjoyable, makes me want to visit Spain as well, you are very enthusiastic about this place and it definitely shows in your writing.

  3. yjain916 says:

    I’ve always dreamed of visiting Spain one day too! I hear that the Spanish architecture and art is beautiful and I’ve always wanted to visit Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona since it was the cover of my Spanish 3 book in high school. As well as that I hear that bull fights are big deal in Spain and I’ve always wanted to see one in person one day. Hopefully one day I can!

  4. hmunoz2 says:

    Spain is my favorite country in the world and reading about it on your blog made me love it even more. One day I plan to visit Spain and hopefully live there. I think Spain is a beautiful country that is full of culture and tradition. Thank you for sharing your fascination for Spain.

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