A Symbol of Freedom

The Statue of Liberty

            One of the World Heritage Sites located in the United States would be the Statue of Liberty.  Located on the Liberty Island in Manhattan, New York, it stands at 151 feet and 1 inch high.  It was dedicated on October 28, 1886, sculpted by Frederic Aguste Bartholdi, but the idea of it came from a distinguished Frenchman, Laboulaye.  In modern day translation, Laboulaye had stated that “If someone wants to build a statue for the United States in order to celebrate and honor their independence and freedom, I believe that we should be the ones to help them out.”

            The Statue of Liberty is a statue of a woman wearing a robe, has broken chains at the base, a torch that is always lit in her right hand, and a tablet in her left.  The chains at the base of the statue represent the breaking of oppression and tyranny.  The torch and the tablet signify the law and on this tablet there is the inscribed date of the American Declaration of Independence.  The statue ultimately represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom.

            There are many interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty such as how

1)   When the statue was finally built in 1886, it was considered as one of the tallest iron structures to ever be built

2)   The Statue of Liberty actually sways from side to side approximately 3 inches during high winds

3)   Laboulaye, who provided the idea of the statue, had hoped that the gift would inspire the French to as well fight for their freedom

4)   Americans view the statue as such a significance of freedom that during the September 11 attacks, it safe guarded the statue and closed it down

5)   In 1984, the Statue of Liberty was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site under the first and fourth criteria

Visiting the Statue of Liberty personally last summer, I had a very significant sense of pride of being an American citizen.  I believe that it does have a sense of the idea of freedom not only to myself as an American citizen but to immigrants as well.  One of the greatest experience I had was having the experience of climbing the 354 steps to get to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  This World Heritage site not only has historic meaning but it has a sense of American pride as well as hope for all for the possibility of protection and freedom.


Below is a link for facts and history about the Statue of Liberty




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7 Responses to A Symbol of Freedom

  1. danalba2 says:

    I remember this was also one of the sites that I visited during my trip as well, the Statue was indeed breathtaking to behold.

  2. I have never visited the Statue myself but I have always seen it as a symbol of the United States of America and of our freedom. I liked how you broke down the statue into its main parts and what they are supposed to represent. I hadn’t known that there were broken chains at her feet or that the date of the American Declaration of Independence is inscribed on the tablet Lady Liberty is holding. Thanks for the new and interesting facts!

  3. mgoldberg4 says:

    I have visited the statue and I think this was a nicely done post illustrating the importance and impact of the statue in our country. I also liked the link at the end to tie up any loose ends the post may have not covered.

  4. yjain916 says:

    I’ve never visited the Statue of Liberty, but it’s one of the sites to visit on my bucket list. This post really gave me some valuable background information for when I actually do visit it. I feel like the statue is one of the most prominent physical representations of what it means to be an American and that every American citizen should visit the site if they have the necessary means at least once in their life time.

  5. rashedaak says:

    I have never visited the statue but have heard a lot about what it represents, this is a really good explanation of its existence and its importance.

  6. hmunoz2 says:

    The statue of liberty is an amazing place with so much meaning behind it. I am really happy to know that it is a world heritage site because it has so much meaning to so many families. This was there first site when they first came to the United States. I personally havent had the chance to visit it, but I hope to make the visit one day. Great blog by the way.

  7. ktorres24 says:

    I want to be able to visit the Statue of Liberty at some point in my life because it is something that indeed represents our nation. It is the freedom that we have and what allows us to be who we want to be.

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