A New Bucketlist


Before coming to college, I was asked to make a bucket list. This bucket list consists of common goals: wanting to become a doctor, making a friend that will last for my entire life, witnessing a miracle, inspire someone else in their lives, and to make a difference. Never did I thought of visiting other places as a life goal, but coming to this class brought a new perspective.

Before coming to this class, I thought about my background frequently. I thought about how my life would be different if I was I born into different family or raised in a different environment. However, I never realized the extent of this occurrence. Before coming to this class, I thought I knew a lot about my heritage and of the world that surrounds. However, after taking this class, I realize there is very little that I truly know and that there is…

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2 Responses to A New Bucketlist

  1. I really enjoyed how you have discovered new wants to add to your bucket list because of taking this course. I can relate because I have also added two new things to my bucket list. 1) Look deeper than the touristic view of a place. 2) Find a way to pass on my intangible heritage to my future generations (of my own blood and/or of others).

  2. ktorres24 says:

    Everyone has a bucket list and I can relate to you because each day that goes by I add more to mine. After taking this course, I want to visit ALL the WH sites!!

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