My Christmas Heritage

For Christmas, my family has certain traditions that we have followed since I was born. Our Christmas traditions start on December 1st when my family goes to the local Christmas tree store to select a tree. In our family, we all take turns selecting which tree we will buy. For example this year it was my turn to select our family Christmas tree, but in the selection process of the choosing a tree, I have to make sure that the tree I select meets certain standards such as it being at least 5ft and filled with puffy branches.  When we bring our tree home, we start decorating as a family, adding different types of ornaments. However the thing that always stays the same is the angel that goes on top of the tree which my grandma brought from Mexico when she came to visit us.

Every Saturday after the 1st of December, my family gets together to watch Christmas movies starting with the Grinch. On Christmas Eve, my family always stays up till 12 to wait for Santa, which is usually my older brother or uncle who dress up, and we open gifts that  Santa brought us. The food that we eat changes every year but something that stays the same is mommy making arroz con leche, ponche (a hot Mexican Fruit Punch), and tamales.

Our Christmas tradition is part of my families heritage and it has brought us closer. Other heritages have similar traditions like the ones my family practices but the tangible connections and practices make them unique and different. Our heritage may not be as unique as other families, however the memories we make last forever.

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7 Responses to My Christmas Heritage

  1. mflores53 says:

    I can totally relate to the foods that you make. In my family a Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas if we are missing the tamales and the ponche. how do you think that your Christmas would change if one year your family didn’t follow the traditions?

  2. miapatel123 says:

    I found the things you do for Christmas to be wonderful. I l like how you have Christmas tradition to bring everyone in your family closer. Though my family is close, we don’t have Christmas traditions to follow. Reading your blog makes me want to have Christmas traditions to share with my family.

  3. dvasquez10 says:

    I enjoyed reading about the way your family celebrates Christmas, a time of year where the whole family unites and enjoys this special day. Tamales are the most important to have in dinner, I never understood why, but I do know that they are super delicious. By reading your blog, I can right away know that your family follows traditions and really values Christmas.

  4. I really enjoyed reading our post and I can relate with some of the things your family does for Christmas. For Christmas, my family decorates our fake tree (we’ve had it for nearly 10 years now) while having Christmas music blasting on the radio until it is nearly bursting from the decorations. Then we go on to bake 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen persimmon cookies, and 1 loaf of banana nut bread. At least 6 cookies are left out for Santa by my little sister and some of the bread is left for Rudolf (my dad and I will go as far as making hoof prints on the front porch out of bread crumbs). Then on Christmas, my family will go over to my cousin’s house and have a large family get together with lots of food (tamales make an appearance with me as well), gift giving, and games. For me, Christmas is the time to have fun and spend time with family.

  5. jortega95 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post as there is a lot I can relate to. In my household, for Christmas, the most common dinners consist of pozole or tamales. We too also have ponche and atole as well. Our celebration begins on the 24th, Christmas Eve, and goes on to the morning of the 25th. After eating dinner and waiting for it to be midnight to being the opening of gifts, we all participate in short posada skits. In celebrating Christmas, we make sure to incorporate aspects of our heritage through traditions and such, even if we are in the United States.

  6. yjain916 says:

    I have a similar family Christmas heritage. My family takes turn picking out the tree too and last year I had to dress up as Santa and give presents to all of my little nephews and nieces during are Christmas family party. It was quite a memorable experience and it was amazing to see the expressions of excitement on all of my little nieces and nephews faces when I walked in to my house dressed up as Santa with a sack full of presents for them.

  7. ktorres24 says:

    I like that you made your post about the current holiday. For me, Christmas represents a time to be with family and give thanks for everything we have. When I was a little girl, I believed that Christmas was only about receiving presents but now I have realized it’s true meaning. Is doesn’t matter how you celebrate it, as long as you are with your loved ones.

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