Italy: The Famous Boot

The City of Roses

The City of Roses

As a little girl I always had big dreams. I grew up in a small town called Wasco, which is known as “The City of Roses”. Most people haven’t heard of this town, but the moment I say, “do you know where Bakersfield is?” they usually say, “Oh yeah!” well, little ol’ Wasco is 30 minutes away from there. The only description that I am able to give to those who ask what Wasco has, is Roses and a lot of open dirt. I would say I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. The most exciting part of Wasco is 7th Street, which is where all of the high school students go to eat for lunch.

7th Street, is our “downtown Merced”

Our mall, is Kmart and our biggest grocery store is Save Mart. Many people don’t realize how privileged they in their towns. Our fanciest restaurant is Denny’s, and the smaller Mexican restaurants.  I was comfortable here in Wasco, but I dreamed of going to a BIGGER and more unique place. My step-father’s parents are from Italian decent and they always told me about how BEAUTIFUL Italy was, and how much of a great experience it is just to go. They always said, “It’s the most famous boot, everyone has to have it at some point in their lives!”

Venice Gondolas

My dream is to one day visit Italy, and experience a new culture. The language and the country is beautiful! I want to one day speak Italian, so that way when I come home have an accent. Being in Italy I would also be able to experience the activities first hand, not listen to them in a story. Learning how to ride a gondola would be really fun, and it is something I would find in Wasco. The architecture of the buildings in Italy are absolutely beautiful, if I were to go tour Italy one day, I would be more of a cultural tourist. I would want to engulf myself in the Italian culture.

Learning to ride the Gondolas

The food in Italy is also a great thing to experience in Italy because it’s fresh from the country! The food there is authentic and hand-made, the REAL DEAL! Click here to get a first hand look at the Italian awesomeness. I hope to one day be able to look back at my life and say I was able to witness first hand this beautiful and unique country.♥

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12 Responses to Italy: The Famous Boot

  1. miapatel123 says:

    I found your description of your town to be enjoyable. I understand that the reason you want to go to Italy is to experience bigger things. Your description of Italy and the images you provide can of makes me want to go there too, now.

  2. danalba2 says:

    Italy was actually the firs country that I began my love of history with, Roman ideas and culture always fascinated me.

  3. rgodinez2 says:

    I really enjoyed your post and it made me reflect on how much I should appreciate what Merced has and what my hometown of LA does. Italy is a very fascinating place and is a place where someday I imagine myself being at because of its history, culture, and food.

  4. dvasquez10 says:

    Reading this was awesome! Italy is such a beautiful country, that I would some day like to visit. Wasco is very similar to my hometown Madera, although I was born in Fresno, I consider Madera to be my town. Our mall though is Wal-Mart because we don’t have a Kmart! But Madera is just as small as Wasco. Overall I enjoyed getting a sneak peak into Wasco and Italy, such a great blog!:)

  5. dvelazquez2 says:

    I loved your article! The way you started to first introduce where you came from made me be really interested in Wasco, because I come from San Francisco. Then when I read about your dream of going to Italy as the reader I got really excited for you because the change would be amazing, and I myself dream of going there too.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post and I also want to someday visit Italy. I myself am part Italian from my father’s side, my favorite foods are pastas, and I am currently trying to learn the Italian language. So far I only know the bare minimum but I am still learning. I hope to learn it soon enough so that I may travel to Italy through the Lions International Youth Exchange Program.

  7. jortega95 says:

    In your post you mentioned privilege in Merced, and I can relate, just in a different manner. After having come to Merced, I realize much the bay area is enriched with. This also helps me appreciate Richmond, CA (my hometown) more, and the bay area in general. Although I have no family ties with anyone of Italian descent, I too aspire to one day visit the country. I first became fascinated with Italy through its portrayal in the media, reputation the country holds in the world of soccer, food, etc. Through the experiences I hear of others, I feel that Italy has a lot to offer to its citizens and tourists and is definitely a place I would like take a trip to as well.

  8. rashedaak says:

    Definitely enjoyed your writing, when I first started reading I did not know you had written this Amanda but for some reason I read this in my head with your voice and when I checked it made complete sense why this was happening. Really enjoyed reading this.

  9. yjain916 says:

    I thought your post was really insightful! I too wish to visit Italy one day! I also want to learn to ride the Gondolas. Italian food is my favorite type of food too so hopefully one day i get to try the real “authentic” food from Italy itself.

  10. hmunoz2 says:

    Italy is an amazing country. It is rich in culture and differentiates itself from the other European countries. I think you really captured the beauty of Italy and provided information on its greatness.

  11. ktorres24 says:

    I can relate to you on the small town part. If you think Wasco is small, you should do some research on Mendota. It is where I live and my mall is our 3 town grocery stores. We don’t have any big name stores at all! I can see how much it means to you to visit Italy because coming from a small town just the thought of it seems impossible, however, everything is possible!

  12. kmorrow3 says:

    Italy is definitely number one on my list of places to go before I die. It is an iconic place and the original place that people would go to make their dreams come true. I also have always wanted to try traditional and authentic Italian cuisine and deserts. Now ill have ride in a gondola to my list of the things hat i would like to experience in Italy.

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