My Dream Vacation


            I have always wanted to visit the U.K. It was something about the country that just grabbed my attention. And it did not consist of only one thing but of many. It was the food, the sites, the culture, traditions, history, language, and the people. I want to know everything about London, England. London, England will be my first destination stop to my tourist attraction.

There is just so much to see in London that it would be hard to visit it all at once. For one thing visiting the incredible castles in London. One in particular that I would love to get the chance to visit is the famous Windsor Castle in England. This castle is the home of the Royal family. It would be incredible to personally be able to view the architecture that is the Windsor Castle. This castle holds England’s history by being the home of generations of royal families. Being able to tour the castle and viewing the public rooms that contain famous paintings, to see the incredible decorative ceilings, and the antique furniture.

To experience one of the most height seeking yet breath taking rides in London, The London Eye also known as the Millennium Wheel. This incredible jaw dropping attraction is a tourist must see and ride. It is said to offer the cities best views. It was officially opened by Prime Minister Tony Blair on December 31, 1999 to celebrate the Millennium. Following after I would visit Big Ben. Big Ben is one of UK’s signature symbols. This clock is what represents England since it appears in movies, TV shows, ads, etc… The clock is within the House of Parliament that was constructed between 1843 and 1858. Some fun facts about the clock is the clock faces have a diameter of almost 25ft (7.5m). The hour hand is 9ft or 2.7m long and the minute hand measures 14ft (4.25m) long. 

            In order to experience a day in the life of a Britain you must have the afternoon tea. Some of London’s most famous teas are to have the tea of the Ritz, the Savoy’s tea, and the afternoon tea of Langham. The Ritz tea has grown to be so popular that the Ritz Restaurant has had to open five sittings everyday between the times of 11:30 am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm. In order to experience the Ritz tea you have to have four weeks in advance of a reservation. The Savoy’s tea is located inside a hotels restaurant that is known for its luxury, technology, and style. If you were to have a tea at The Savory you can expect finger sandwiches, fresh baked raisin, plain scones, and Foyer signature cakes. Having your afternoon tea in England at the Palm Court which has the Langham tea. The Langham tea has been a tradition since 1865. You can make sure that while you are enjoying an afternoon tea you will have the choice of Fresh finger sandwiches and pastries.

      the langham tea

            As you can see my dream vacation is England. Being able to experience a day in the shoes of a Brit can be an exciting and dream of mine. London, England is a place that I have always wanted to visit because being able to view the beginning of history is incredible. Visiting sites such as Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Millennium Wheel, and having the afternoon tea is only a taste of experiencing the U.K. life style. 

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12 Responses to My Dream Vacation

  1. brodrigues2 says:

    I never knew there were that many interesting yet historical places to visit in London. the one that would probably get the most visitors would be the castle or the millennium wheel. I found it interesting that you mentioned the afternoon tea being a part of being a Brit and how different it is here in America. you hardly see someone making reservation 4 weeks prior just to drink tea.

  2. hmunoz2 says:

    Great job on capturing the importance of the U.K. After reading your blog it made me really want to visit the U.K as well. I also thought you did a good job in providing the different places there is to visit.

  3. rgodinez2 says:

    You capture the different cultures of the UK with such detail that one can not resist to want to visit it also. I would also like to mention that ST. Paul’s Cathedral is a fascinating place to visit because of its historical and cultural contention to London.

  4. danalba2 says:

    Interesting that your dream vacation is the U.K. as well, I’ve always had an interest in British culture and I’m also a sucker for a British accent ha

  5. nlenriquez says:

    It was refreshing to relate to a post. The UK is also one of the places I would like to travel to. It was great seeing your perspective and finding out what you would look forward to on your travels. It was interesting reading the little fun facts about each site you mentioned. So thank you, very interesting.

  6. dvelazquez2 says:

    Prior to this I never really thought about the U.K. as such a tourist site. However, after reading your blog I have definitely added it to my list of places I want to visit. I also really liked the pictures you chose they were all beautiful and displayed the beauty of the U.K.

  7. Wow! I never knew how beautiful the U.K. was, and I never knew about the different things it had to offer. The food looks very elegant! I would definitely want to go there myself!

  8. dvasquez10 says:

    Reading your blog was amazing! I felt like I was literally having a tour around London, England. I have always wanted to go to France, but with your descriptions about London, I would definitely include this city in my places to visit list.

  9. miapatel123 says:

    I never realized there was so many places to visit there. The pictures you provided were wonderful. Now, I want to go there.

  10. jortega95 says:

    Through the reasons discussed in the post, and others, the U.K is also one of the places that I am very interested in visiting in the future. A lot has occurred in the U.K and it is definitely a place that is enriched with a lot of culture. In addition, I have learned that there is a lot to offer to tourists and the people who call it home. I think you organized your post very well and enjoyable to read. While reading, I found it interesting, easy to follow, and I realized I learned a lot.

  11. yjain916 says:

    Interesting read! I never really much was inclined to visit England, but after reading this post I might just want to go visit there one day. The Windsor Castle and Big Ben sound like must see attractions!

  12. ktorres24 says:

    I have always wished to have a British accent. One day I would want to tour it and the pictures you posted made me want to go even more.

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