Digital Technologies

One of the core reasons why I chose to go to the University of California, Merced was of its technological advances around the campus.2007_uc_merced_library I believe these technologies facilitate the activity and daily intake of knowledge at school. Just as the digital technologies in school, I believe it is important that we continue and advance in using technologies to capture the essence of a heritage sites. As digital technologies become more accessible and reusable in the future I believe that they organize and provide an intellectual and physical experience.

Digital technologies can be used in different ways in the context of heritage. One example (Addison, 2008) explains is through the organization of World Heritage information that UNESCO provides on their website. The information is categorized online by site, country, theme, funds, project, people, news/events, and documents. Thanks to digital technologies people are allowed to open enriched features of text, image, video, etc. Another example of digital technologies is its introduction into museums. Museums have also incorporated websites and computer interactives. They have also introduced holograms, digitized film and sound. lincoln-bicentennial-presidential-library-hologram-full(Whitcomb, 2007) expresses that these new technologies have created a Segway into the ever evolving era we live in, through its efforts to preserve factual history. Museums are now provided with intellectual and physical experience, which opens its doors to different audiences around the world.

In a case study (Whitcomb, 2007) depicts the experience of multimedia in The Museum of Melbourne. From an exhibition about Aborignal rights at Melbourne MuseumThe Museum of Melbourne in Australia has renovated specifically the Bunjilaka Gallery.The actual exhibit devotes half of its introductory exhibits to the installation of multimedia. This specific multimedia creates a dialogue of colonial living between the Aboriginal people from the 1800s to present day. Most gain a sense of both ethical and physical impact through an informative yet emotional level. I believe that this enables heritage to be viewed in a different perspective. However in order for media to be captured it must be accessible in the future and must be reusable.

There are a number of technologies that are merely becoming obsolete. As discussed in lecture (Dr. Tung 2013) talked about the use of floppy disks and computers. tumblr_mhum6jy5BY1re64jjo1_500These floppy disks once a technological innovative way to store data and share with others computer users is not used in the year 2013. We must recognize the future because in order to successfully cape the essences of heritage site one must make sure technology is renewed and reusable.



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7 Responses to Digital Technologies

  1. I like the examples that you have included into your post. You are right that technology is evolving and will continue to do so. The UNESCO website being one of your examples uses technology to inform others of world wide sites.

  2. brodrigues2 says:

    I liked how you incorporated the idea of technology being a part of heritage if one knows how to proper use it and renew it. and how we use technology to capture the essence of a heritage site. technology s something that has been part of our lives through many generations and has become a part of our culture and who we are so I agree with what you are saying.

  3. sbolanos3 says:

    Although I didn’t pick UC Merced for the same reasons, your reasons make me feel happier with my decision to attend UC Merced. Technology is such an important part of the world especially for college. To see how you consider technology part of your heritage was interesting.

  4. anunez35 says:

    I like how you spoke of the reason why you picked Merced. Its very different form the other reasons I have heard, which I like. I also think that the photographs made your post very appealing. The part I found the most interesting is how technology fit the context of heritage.

  5. rgodinez2 says:

    I enjoy reading your post and interesting learning about technology as your heritage. I find that technology could be a good thing but also bad depending on how people use it and it can change our culture as well.

  6. danalba2 says:

    I’ve always been an “old-school” kind of guy when it comes to this kind of topic, but I do have to admit that technology has definitely helped improve the methods and techniques that we use to study and interpret heritage.

  7. miapatel123 says:

    I learned a lot through what you were talking about digital technologies. I also found the reason you chose to come to UC Merced very interesting. I agree that digital technologies have a lot of beneficial use to our society, but I also believe that they have a negative one as well.

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