Indigenous Tribe: Lakota Indians


               Among all the groups of the world, there is a certain group that holds dearly to their traditions, their past, belongings and land. I am talking about indigenous people. According to a fact sheet by the United Nations Permanent Forum, there are more than 370 million indigenous peoples spread across 70 countries worldwide. (Source: ). Despite living within dominant societies, these indigenous groups manage to preserve their cultures and live their traditions as they have been doing for centuries.


            There are several indigenous groups living all over the world but one which I want to emphasize is the Lakota Indians living in the United States. The main goals of these Indians are to preserve the values they have been taught by their parents and ancestors and not lose their morals and beliefs. They preserve their way of life through the way they have been doing it for centuries. They are governed by their own laws so they have a completely different system than we do.

            Although they live within boundaries, they are extremely fond of their land and care for it as it is their source of living. Some Lakota Indians live in South and North Dakota and they are traced all the way back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Living northward and separated from much of the United States, the Lakota Indians prefer to govern themselves through their own set of laws and politics. I believe this makes them even more proud to be Lakota Indians because although they follow most of their customs, they have come so far with their own type of advances.

            Language is something that they also hold dear.  The Lakota have their own dialect so they use that as their form of communication. I believe that having their own language shows how close they are as a tribal group and how they have been able to preserve this language is simply amazing. There are many Native American tribes that have also held onto their language to this day. It is astonishing how these indigenous groups can keep a language system despite their distance from society as we know it.  

            Many people don’t make sense of the indigenous tribes living so close to them. Society needs to pay respect to this undermined group and not forget of their existence. They care for themselves and their land and do not cause any type of hassle on society. Just like everyone else enjoys of their rights, indigenous people have the right to enjoy life as they please.





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10 Responses to Indigenous Tribe: Lakota Indians

  1. Before reading your Blog I had not heard about the Lakota Indians. I could not believe that they still lived by their customs. The dialect that they have created on their own is what helps distinguish them from other tribes.

  2. nlenriquez says:

    I found this post interesting and informative. I liked how you singled out a specific group of indigenous people; it made it easy to follow along. From this post I was able to learn more about the settlement of the Lakota Indians and their kept language. I agree that society needs to respect indigenous people.

  3. sbolanos3 says:

    For my World Heritage I did some research on Native Americans and I found it interesting that they sound so different yet similar. The Miwoks were a very interesting tribe to get to know through my research. I think it was the same for you.

  4. anunez35 says:

    First I must say that your topic sentence really caught my attention. It really made me want to read more. I have actually did not know some of the information you stated here about the Lakota Indians. So I found your post to be very informative. I also like the photos you included, it really helped me see more of their culture. I really like how you spoke of them holding on to their traditions. It shows how much they value their hold heritage.

  5. danalba2 says:

    I also liked the fact that chose to focus on one particular Native American Tribe, its sad to think about what happened to the Lakota and the United States’ policy against the western Indians

  6. rgodinez2 says:

    I agree with your statement that states “it is astonishing how these indigenous groups can keep a language system despite their distance from society as we know it”, because of many attempts in history by settlers to force the Native Americans to assimilate to American culture.

  7. mgoldberg4 says:

    In the Boy Scouts I am involved in a program dedicated to appreciating Native American culture and perpetuating their practices to the present day. I have taken a few classes in regards to many of the known tribes that were spread throughout North America and I think you did a good job summarizing the Lakota tribe!

  8. rashedaak says:

    I feel as though tribes are something that existed in all parts of the world not just the Native Americans, people ran in different groups but ultimately they wanted the same thing, a good life, which they established through their forte which was based off of their surroundings.

  9. yjain916 says:

    I found this post really interesting. It’s amazing to think that with all of the things that happened to Native American’s the Lakota tribe is still able to hold on to their roots and live the way their ancestors did. I also think that it’s amazing how close knit of a community they are with their own language, lifestyle, and even politics with all of the changes that have happened in modern day society.

  10. jmelendez2 says:

    the Lakota are so significant in US history that i agree they need to be respected and acknowledged more because they have an amazing culture that deserves preservation.

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