Family Reunions

On my mom’s side of the family, we have family reunions each summer which give us a chance to get together and share different things such as stories, recipes, and just get to see how much everyone has changed from year to year. This is a unique way for my extended family to get to know each other as a family. It is always an event that I look forward to because they are always quite eventful. Each year, they located in a different city in the state and the people in that area are in charge of organizing that specific event. The families in charge assign people to bring either main dishes or side dishes or dessert and things like that. Many times recipes are exchanged if someone likes a particular dish which can add to what makes up our heritage. It is also interesting to see some photographs people bring of my great grandparents and their children which are the reason why all of the families are present.

It is always nice to see everyone get together and i think these reunions are important for my family’s heritage because it allows us to expand it in our own unique ways. My mom’s side of the family has dominantly colored eyes so it is also interesting to see a lot of people with those traits, even though i am one of the very few who have brown eyes. My family is also quite athletic so it is always fun to be playing football or volleyball together or just discuss sports as well. Having a family reunion every year is a fun way to get my family together to see how much everyone has grown and changed. It also allows us to grow in our heritage and know more about where we all came from.

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11 Responses to Family Reunions

  1. nlenriquez says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. My family also has family reunions with extended family around the US, so I can relate with the excitement of seeing everyone united. I also agree, I really think sharing all those recipes and looking at pictures of our past helps us grow in our heritage.

  2. brodrigues2 says:

    I think you are very lucky to be able to get together yearly with your family and have the possibility of being able to share that experience since many people such as myself have family that lives in another country or that is very far form them. but I can relate with the sharing of dishes and recipes, even though my family is far we still manage to share recipes and make the same foods that are part of our culture.

  3. sbolanos3 says:

    Your post is very relate able, I meet up with family quite often too. However, I don’t get to travel around the US though, my immediate family is all in California. During these meetings I can honestly say that it is the one time where we can be who we truly are, proud Mexicans.

  4. anunez35 says:

    I really like how your blog post is personal. You talked about how you can your family are close. Its also nice to see how you all connect.

  5. rgodinez2 says:

    Although I can’t relate to having family reunions, the fact that there are actual families that do so, give me hope. The closest thing to having a “family reunion” is just having the occasional small family parties. You are very fortunate to have those.

  6. danalba2 says:

    I also can relate to this because in recent years we had been holding family reunions as well. And I never came to realize just how huge my family is!!! Almost 250 people alone on my mom’s side of the family. It’s also great to catch up with family.

  7. dvasquez10 says:

    I can highly relate to the way your family reunions are held because since my dad’s family are all in Mexico, most of my mom’s family are here so we often have reunions with them. In reunions, I never imagined how strong our family is, it is absolutely amazing! You learn new things every time the whole family gets together. I enjoyed reading about the way you have your family reunions. 🙂

  8. miapatel123 says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. I find family reunions to be important in keeping the family together. I wish my family could have continuous family reunions like yours do.

  9. mgoldberg4 says:

    I lack that type of family connection but it was cool to gain some insight on how other family’s effectively interact with one another based on your post!

  10. rashedaak says:

    This is a very enjoyable post, and I agree with the importance of family reunions, kind of keeps everyone close.

  11. yjain916 says:

    I think it’s awesome that you have a family reunion at a different location each and every summer, that sounds like a lot of fun. I wish my family could do something like that. I’ve always been really intrigued by the history of my family line and you’re lucky that you have the opportunity to do learn more about yours every year.

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