Representation of Heritage

Taj Mahal

The world is made up of numerous amounts of values, ethics, and morals including natural and cultural sites that represents heritage. ‘Universal value’, is the complete meaning of world heritage. The World Heritage List, contains all the natural and cultural sites that exists in this world. The main point of having organizations such as, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations), is to preserve as much as possible from a world heritage site.


Values represent world heritage through our diverse way of thinking and our cultural biases. We incorporate our everyday values into who we are and what we do. Our heritage and where we come from are based on these values that create new ways of thinking while relying on past judgments. All together our values create culture and traditions that can stretch on for a life time. Thus making it a huge part of world heritage and the diversity of its people.
Pyramids of Eygpt


Along with values we have ethics that drive us in the direction we see fit to accompany our lifestyle. This too represents world heritage because it governs our actions which vary across the globe. Where we come from determines how we act and behave with and around others. It defines our morals and what we believe in which adds to heritage and faith. Overall ethics help form relations, constitute our behavior, and develops culture through conservation of nature along with tradition.
The Great Wall of China


Beauty is everywhere, in people, in landscapes, and of course in our heritage. Natural and cultural sites are everywhere and represent world heritage in a whole with diversity. Historical sites and world wonders make up some of this beauty that defines many of our backgrounds. For instance the Taj Mahal in India represents the culture and their heritage as people. Not only does it show their heritage, it shows the beauty of it through architecture and art. Therefore Heritage can be shown through many things that are all in a general sense beautiful and show the ways of other people including art.
UNESCO World Heritage


Lastly, world heritage is important because it preserves the beauty of our earth. The organization that deals with this is UNESCO, as stated previously. They make sure important site s are preserved around the world to keep our heritage alive. As people it is important to see the things we created and how we formed the many cultures and sites that fascinate the world. World Heritage is an important part of our history and is important to the generations to come.

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9 Responses to Representation of Heritage

  1. brodrigues2 says:

    I think its interesting how you see beauty as also a representation of heritage not only just values and ethics. I like that you stated that because it truly demonstrates how there isn’t just an ” universal” way of defining heritage and how heritage can be seen and interpreted differently by many. I also agree that we do need UNESCO and other organizations that focus primarily on keeping our heritage alive, because it is something that is significant to many and it is important to pass down to the generations that are to come.

  2. rramirez46 says:

    I liked how you began with explaining “universal value” in the beginning of your post. It was also interesting to read about ethics and values in relation to World Heritage Sites in the world. I like how you decided to add photos to your post as well.

  3. dvelazquez2 says:

    I like how you helped us understand world heritage through outstanding universal value, because I know at the beginning of the year world heritage was a confusing topic. I also liked how you tied outstanding universal value to beauty, ethics and other intangible heritage.

  4. mbrooks8 says:

    Your definitions are interesting and add a personal perspective to your post. Your one example relating to the Taj Mahal is used well to bring more meaning to your definitions. Good post

    • Criteria (i) is “Masterpiece of Human Creative Genius” – it ought to represent the “beauty/ aesthetic” value of heritage sites. Currently, there are only three WHS that have been inscribed solely on this basis: Taj Mahal, Temple in Preah Vihear and the Sydney Opera House.

  5. dchouu says:

    I really liked how this post gave us a stronger understanding of world heritage. I appreciated the breakdown of how the values determine how it represent each of our heritage. I am a strong believer in preserving our heritage and believe that more must be done in order to maintain it to pass to future generations.

  6. I found it interesting in the ways you identified how values create culture and tradition. Also like that you expressed that due to the organization of UNESCO its their job to help preserve these sites.

  7. nlenriquez says:

    I liked how you connected the beauty of our earth with the representation of heritage. It was another perspective to view heritage. I also agree with you, our values do represent who we are; I feel like most people don’t realize that’s part of our heritage.

  8. anunez35 says:

    I like how you mention how our values are build on culture/traditions. Also the pictures you included really got my attention. I actually did a paper on the Taj Mahal in high school, so I found what you wrote on it very interesting.

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