Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park  airview

Yellowstone National Park airview

One of the most memorable experience I will never forget is my visit to Yellowstone National Park. My adventure began when I was selected to attend a two week long cattle drive experience in the beautiful mountains of Montana. Through this experience I got the chance to live in a working ranch and ride around in horses. Originally, when I first signed up for this adventure, I was simply looking for something to do over the summer and nothing seemed better than riding horses all day. However, little did I know that I would also get the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful, breath taking, jaw dropping places in the world.

Coming from an area in Southern California known as Orange County I was not really exposed to a lot of the wonders of the world. Orange County is made up of several cities that are tightly packed together with a very big population. In Orange County the most “wild” we got was the beach or sometimes even small trial hikes in nearby canyons. That is why when I visited Yellowstone National Park I was blown away by its beauty and its richness is life. Never in my life had I seen anything like that. Visiting Yellowstone changed the way I looked at life because my whole life I was living in a bubble and knew nothing outside of my city. I was blinded from a world that I did not know existed. When I would watch the National Geographic channel and would see these places on TV I would always think that places like Yellowstone were almost too good to be true. Little did I know that I was only a couple states away. Yellowstone, snatched me out my bubble and made me appreciate life a lot more for what it is. This sense of appreciation allowed me to reflect back on how I looked at nature and the importance of preserving it. For example, before visiting Yellowstone I would always pass the opportunities to do anything that required the outdoors or never really thought that I would make a difference if I recycled the soda can I was drinking. However, after Yellowstone I realized that we have so much to loose if we do not begin to change the way we are living our lives and the way we protect our natural environment.

Yellowstone did not only open my eyes to a whole new world but it also made me feel relaxed and free. Life in Orange County is very fast paced and stressful not leaving very much room for relaxation. Yellowstone’s atmosphere was so relaxing that it allowed me to take a moment to admire its beauty and appreciate what was in front of my eyes. Lastly, this site was important to me because that aside from witnessing the beautiful landscape it also allowed me to experience some of Yellowstone’s wildlife. I was filled with joy when I first saw a wild bison in its natural habitat. This was fairly important to me because I wildest thing I had ever seen in my life was seals at the port in San Francisco.

Yellowstone National Park Wild Bison

Yellowstone National Park Wild Bison

Yellowstone was a great experience that I will never forget because it opened my eyes to another world that I did not know existed. It is an important World Heritage site that must be preserved for future generations to visit. Yellowstone has so much to offer and so much to learn from.

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7 Responses to Yellowstone National Park

  1. apalos17 says:

    Yellowstone sound amazing! The experience is usually interesting when you aren’t used to places like that! New experience must have been fun!

  2. rramirez46 says:

    Your post was very interesting to read and it was nice to learn about the new experience you had when visiting Yellowstone. I like how you added the contrasting details from Orange County to Yellowstone which added to your experience.

  3. dvelazquez2 says:

    The detail in your blog post made it easy for me to picture what Yellowstone would be like. Now it makes me want to visit that world heritage site! 😀

  4. dchouu says:

    This post reminded me of my first trip to Yellowstone! Although I am from San Francisco I can relate when you discuss about the calmness and serenity that this place brings. I do believe that as a national heritage site we should respect this and treasure it for future generations to appreciate as well. My favorite part about Yellowstone would be its numerous amount of huge trees.

  5. sbolanos3 says:

    I have never been to Yellowstone but thanks to your block I want to go visit it. Being from San Diego I live quite a distance away but now I will make it a priority to go visit it. I love trees and seeing that Yellowstone has plenty of those I will make sure to visit.

  6. dvasquez10 says:

    Yellowstone National Park sounds so beautiful and full of wild life species that makes me want to visit this park in the future. Living in the central valley allows me to discover beautiful landscapes such as Yosemite National Park. Your experience through Yellowstone National Park motivated me to experience the wonders that this park has to offer. Nice post! 🙂

  7. miapatel123 says:

    Your trip to Yellowstone and what Yellowstone brought you sounds amazing. I agree with you in that Yellowstone is a unique place. I found that Yellowstone is so beautiful and immerse you in a place of serenity. I definitely want to visit Yellowstone again.

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