Experiencing The World Around Us

I’ve had the pleasure to experience the heritage site of the Yosemite National Park. In the summer of 2008, my mom decided to take my younger sisters and me on a mini vacation in Yosemite.  Even though my mom explained to me that we would be experiencing something special and memorable, I pretty upset and disappointed knowing that we would be hiking up hills, walking in the scorching heat, and most importantly be stranded with no cell phone service whatsoever.

            My attitude, however, took a dramatic turn when I saw the welcome sign to Yosemite.  Not only was the site breathtaking, but it also welcoming.  The hike up the trail was tiring and excruciating, but once I reached the top I looked down and saw the beauty of nature and was in complete awe. At that moment, I realized and understood that preserving something as special as Yosemite should be and must be a priority.  

Standing at the top of the trail gave me this peace, calm, and amazed feeling of the site around me. I would ask myself, “How could I possibly want to skip out on something as magnificent as this?”  I realized that we live in such a technology dependent world that we often fail to recognize the natural world and its beauty around us. At the end of the trip as I was reflecting upon my experience, I was ashamed of myself for wanting to pass up on an opportunity such as this because nothing can compare to spending time up in these mountains

            Yosemite is a landscape of diversity. The park has some of the finest scenery in the world with trees that are a thousand years old, water falls that pour thousands of feet, and granite walls that are unbroken for miles. Standing in front of the Sequoias was the most humbling and breath-taking experience because I was in the presence one of the tallest trees and I felt like such a small contribution to this Earth compared to these massive and almost royal-like pieces of nature.

A visit to Yosemite can lead to solitude, inspiration, adventure, and appreciation for the scenery around you.  I would highly recommend and encourage everyone to visit this national heritage site so they, too, can experience the magic and life-changing view. My visit to Yosemite gave me an experience that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. I learned to appreciate and become more intone with the nature of this national heritage site and hope that more people can experience this beauty just as I did.




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3 Responses to Experiencing The World Around Us

  1. rramirez46 says:

    I liked the photos you included in your post on Yosemite and it was interesting to read about your experience there. I agree with you when you said that we live in such a technology dependent world and it must have been nice to get away from all that for a while.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article. I believe that you have a great point in saying that ” I realized that we live in such a technology dependent world that we often fail to recognize the natural world and its beauty around us.”. Because of technology people miss out on the opportunities to experience nature especially at a site like Yosemite.

  3. sbolanos3 says:

    Since we have been there at Yosemite first hand I feel that pictures don’t do it justice anymore. Yosemite is the perfect getaway for just about anything. Nature is a very powerfully and calming thing.

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