A Basket of Various Heritages

The personal heritage that I am going to share has been derived from my parents. My parents came from opposite ends of the South American Continent, and from various classes within their societies. My father was from a “just above the poverty line” family, where hard work and dedication were the main modes of progressing higher. While with  my mother, she had it easier in terms of finances, but her father was a hard working man, and pushed her to succeed in school, to go to college, to be something when she grew up. 

Both of my parents are college graduates, and for their own separate reasons, came to the United States in order to gain a life of success and happiness. I come in some time later when they got married, and from there, I was placed under some high expectations. 

However, I was not told this expectations, it was given to me through some intangible motions and their own actions. I was always observant, and that was how I learned the most. When I was little, my native tongue was Spanish, and I would go down to Venezuela (My mother’s home country) and visit for a few weeks out of the summer. I visited my father’s country less (Chile), mainly due to how much further it was than going to Venezuela. 

I don’t quite remember much in terms of official heritage sites in Venezuela, but there, I do remember going to how the country folk made the cheese. I also saw how fishing was done in rowboats by hand, and the culture that was there. Back then, it was not so bad, and there were not so many riots or disputes as there are currently. 

However, back at home, when at my dad’s parents, that was where I learned one of Chile’s greatest cultures, their food. I was always a fan of food, and I love my grandma’s cooking. I was fed everything that they would eat in Chile, and still I get my favorite food. 

When I entered school, I began to get more of what I think is American culture. I lost my original language, well, to clarify, I am not able to speak it perfectly, and my accent is quite horrible. However, from both my parents I grew up in a very mathematical and science based house. We were not very religious, and it was mainly just, growing up. 

I learned a lot about cars and the like, and just went the ‘normal’ course for growing up. I don’t recall much drama that I saw in other families, I would say that my growing up was rather docile. We would have trips down to Mexico, even though none of us were from there, and spend four days at a resort, relaxing and having fun. If there was a ‘fun’ culture, I would classify my early childhood within that category. 

For the remainder, it was filled with more of getting to know myself and gaining a culture that was new, the gaming community. We did not just game with computers, we worked on role-playing games including Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, Pathfinder, and various others. I gained a whole culture just from that, and it was one of the highlights within my highschool career. 

The culture is mixed and I would not sure if it’s American. I actually don’t quite enjoy most of what American culture has done, or rather, what Western culture has done. I enjoyed reading upon the cultures of other countries, mainly Japan. They had some of the same tendencies as Western culture for expanding, but it was mostly concentrated within the land that they were near. They were content with where they were, and did not wish to advance further.

I am not sure, I’m conflicted upon the cultures and heritage that I have, I do not know which cultures are stronger, or if I stick to them. I think I took some from various places and pieced them together to create the culture that I follow and project. 

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3 Responses to A Basket of Various Heritages

  1. apalos17 says:

    There are moments where I feel lost for my own heritage, and it’s because my view of each one is constantly changing. I like how you were honest in your knowledge of the culture you came from! Great job!

  2. dvasquez10 says:

    It is really hard to keep up with two complete different heritages at a time. I enjoyed reading your post about the difficulties you have to experience due to the two different cultures. Creating one whole heritage would be really fascinating and yet very interesting.

  3. miapatel123 says:

    Your view in representing your own culture is interesting. I feel that it is difficult in maintaining your original ethnic culture once coming to America. I also think understanding other cultures is also very important.

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