Personal Heritage

My personal heritage is tied with Mexican traditions and cultures. I was born in Los Angeles but was raised in Mexico until I was 10. I was very use to how things where done on Mexico and when I came back to Los Angeles, it seemed like a whole new world to me. The traditions and values where very different to me. The holidays, food, how people spoke, and even how they dresses was very different to me.


A tradition that represents my personal heritage is Posadas symbolize the Joseph and Marie’s pilgrimage to Bethlehem. The posada has a big religious significance in Mexico and is a way that the community gets together and organizes which houses will Joseph and Marie will stay and witch ones they will not. On the night of the posada the community will get together and sing songs relate to the theme as they go to the 1st house where they can stay.  In the posadas there was a lot of different types of traditional meals like posole, tamales, and other types of foods. I enjoyed being part of the posadas since it brought my community and family closer.


When I was I was living with my grandparents in Mexico, they had certain traditions and rules that I would refer to as “old school” but it has helped me develop what my personal heritage it. What I am referring to “old school” was that my grandpa, believed that it was the “man’s duty” to provide the bread and butter for the household will the wife stays at home doing house duties. Certain believes, or tradition developed into my personal heritage, like how I was taught to always respect my elderlies and treat them with respect. My personal heritage is intangible things that I have learned and define the person that I am.


When I came to Los Angeles, I taught that living the American Dream was going to be my national heritage. Back in Mexico the US is portrayed as the place to be, the place where people succeed and find earn themselves riches. I believed in this dream, but my expectation blinded me to what the national heritage would be like. I believed that opportunity would just be handed to be because that’s what I had heard the US was like. What I experienced was that everyone competed to get the most for themselves, so for a person like me who could burly speak English, it was a struggle to assimilate to the US heritage.

My national heritage is therefore mixed, between US tradition and culture and those of Mexico’s tradition and culture. However I identify myself with my personal heritage, the one that show the person that I am. Moreover, my personal heritage holds my intangible item such as picture or certain types of food that I value.


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2 Responses to Personal Heritage

  1. apalos17 says:

    I didn’t have the exact same situation as yours, but having a Mexican background and being raised by an American step dad, and a Mexican mother has shown me the differences in both cultures. I believe that this only makes us stronger! ♠ Chicano/a Power!

  2. danalba2 says:

    I really commend you on your efforts to trying to adopt an essentially WHOLE new culture when you came to the United States. it can be very hard for a person to make that transition… it is very important to remember where you came from as well and never to forget your roots.

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