Personal Heritage

Born and raised in the United States and having a parent from Ecuador my household isn’t very traditional. My mother is the type to be free spirited. With having a great grandmother and grandma both Jehovah witnesses my mom was raised in a strict environment so when it came to raising us she gave us the freedom to choose whether or not to be religious. We did not grow up with any religious background what so ever. So when it comes to describing my personal heritage it does carry some religious and non-religious aspects.

Although my family and I are not devoted to any religion, every year on December 12, the church around the corner of our apartment celebrates the Virgin Mary’s birthday. On this day people from all the cities around gather together bringing flowers or candles for the Virgin Mary. My mother would contribute to this tradition by providing food to everyone at this celebration. But before we ate my family would gather around the group of people and walk around the town. The ones who are leading the way are Aztec dancers performing to the sound of music in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. As everyone is walking around the block behind the statue of the Virgin Mary we would all cheer chants to praise her on this special day. At the end of the walk my family and I would gather together and one at a time would thank her for our health, life, family, friends, etc… Or ask for a favor for the upcoming year and we’d finish of by touching the statue and draw a cross in front of our face. With this day becoming a ritual in my family brings us together knowing that we are giving back to the community but also brings us peace and hope for the upcoming year

.virgin mary

Another factor that contributes to my personal heritage is baseball. Sports in general are extremely important in my family. It’s the one thing that’s brings us together. Every Saturday mornings we’d get up really early in order to watch either my younger siblings games, or even my own games. Each and every one of my family members has learned to play baseball specifically since it’s the family sport. It’s the one sport we all understand and look forward to every spring. Although we all enjoy the sport we don’t all root for the same team.  We each have our own teams to root for like the Dodgers, Yankees, or Angels. Baseball is not only a sport for my family it’s a part of our life. It’s a language that we all understand. Baseball to others might seem like it’s boring or plain but to my family its exciting, thrilling, and competitive. 


But baseball isn’t everything we also love karaoke. Some nights we’d gather around the living room and go onto YouTube and get videos on songs on karaoke mode and sing our butts off. Although we all sing some descent others not so much but it doesn’t matter because we don’t judge we just go out there and put on a good show. For example we have competitions just like American Idol instead we call it “Sepulveda Idol” and we have judges and an audience and we all participate and just have a good time. My personal heritage mainly consists of my family and in the moments we share with one another.   karioke2

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