A New Experience: Carlsbad Caverns


Entrance to the caverns♠

Carlsbad Caverns is located by Guadalupe Mountains in Eddy County, New Mexico, U.S. This park was established in 1930, and has a remarkable texture! My family and I went to visit a relative, who told us about “las cuevas” (the caves). We decided to swing by and take a look; we then all chose to take a tour of the caves to see how accurate my uncles description of the caves beauty was. After getting checked in we got to pathway that lead to the entrance of the entire cave, and we were completely astonished! The windy pathway was beautiful and very unique!  While we continued our walk down that pathway our tour guide told us about the wonderful bats that liked to fly around and stay in the caves! I got scared because I thought I would get attacked!; the guide did say that I would be fine though.  I asked him how many bats we were ‘talking’ about, and he said, “thousands!” He said there were around 70 different species of bats that migrated in the cave! I at first didn’t believe him, until I began to walk through the cave, he pointed out areas where there were bats!

File:Carlsbad caverns.jpg

Let The Beauty Guide You♥

When we entered the cave I was amazed at the beauty of the cave’s colors and structure! The natural beauty was truly exceptional, I personally have never seen a naturally created site as remarkable as Carlsbad Caverns. As the tourist was giving us information I was thinking to myself, “how on earth (literally) was something like this created?!” Geologists, continue to go to the caves and study them as time goes by and the rocks change formation. I believe the features of this cave got me interested in the study of geology, which lead me into the idea of science in college.  The scientific facts about Carlsbad is really fascinating, and I am glad I was able to tour this it!  The Science of Carlsbad Caverns! My mother thought this whole cave was fake only because it was astonishing how it was created, “There is no way something like this is natural!” The stalactite from the ceilings were more sharp and thin where the ones on the ground were more round and smooth! I believe that this cavern has much more hidden within it, many areas that have yet to be discovered!  Is Carlsbad Cavern in danger? This video actually explains the danger that may be happening in Carlsbad!


The View♥

The tour that I was privileged with has made me truly value this site, and I hope that the tourism that constantly is at play doesn’t affect the cave to the point where it no longer can be seen! Through this tour I was not only able to witness one, of the United States most significant World Heritage sites. Taking this tour lead me into the area of the sciences, and has made me question the many wonders of the world. I plan to one day be able to visit more World Heritage sites that are similar to this one, so that way I may get an understanding of the true meaning of World Heritage.

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One Response to A New Experience: Carlsbad Caverns

  1. The images on your article are incredible. I really enjoyed images of the the caves. They look extraordinaire. I cant believe that walking into these caves would have so many different species of Bats..

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