What do you see as your personal heritage and how you think this heritage defines who you are? How does this heritage separate you from your national heritage? Salvadorian Flag

              For me, PERSONAL HERITAGE is my culture, background, ancestors, birthplace, traditions and family.



Here, I have made life-long friendships. These friendships have birthed memories that I cherish deeply in my heart. These MEMORIES are probably the most important part of my personal heritage. In any heritage really, memory is the only thing that you are able to preserve within. This town is the home to all my heritage. It is where everything has been created. In a way, it is my own World Heritage Site. In my little world, I nominated Mendota to go on the list and it made it through. Now it needs to be preserved and well-managed for future generations to build their heritage upon.

AZTECThis aztec here represents my personal heritage because it is what I have grown accustomed to. Ever since Elementary school, I have been an aztec; a warrior; a fighter and I take a great amount of pride in this.

My family has also shaped my heritage. Like I stated earlier, when it comes to traditions I am a lot more relaxed than they are. Of course that is their heritage and I respect that as much as they respect mine. I am very “chill” and I enjoy trying new things and bulding upon my own kind of personal heritage because there are just so many things out there and we have so much time to get things done that we should take advantage of them.

This does not seperate me from my national heritage because I am conscious of where I come from and where my family and ancestors have shaped their own heritage; which once again makes me proud.

I guess you can say that my heritage is unique and always changing

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