What Really is Personal Heritage?

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been a part of an Armenian-Turkish Dialogue Group in the Bay Area. Its actually been through my experience at this group that I’ve actually critically evaluated my personal heritage, and have come to understand how much of my national identity actually makes a part of my own personal identity. And how much of this national identity is actually constructed of some notions of heritage or another.  You see that personal heritage can be really personal (your family and their history) but it can also be shared (the way you define yourself with respect to your ethnicity).

"Coming in waves"

“Coming in waves”

There is one aspect of Turkish heritage which has become the central narrative to the construction of Turkish identity: That Turks were warriors who came into Anatolia from Central Asia.

This ethnic identity of coming from elsewhere, which is largely constructed by different mechanisms, makes the central tenant of being Turkish. And as you can imagine, it creates this idea that somehow Central Asia is a part of Turkish heritage. More on this is a little bit…

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